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Please make checks payable to the Cape Cod Council of Churches. Mail to: 

Cape Cod Council of Churches, 320 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601

The Cape Cod Council of Churches greatly appreciates your support of our programs and ministries! A donation to the Council is a donation to those in need right here on Cape Cod. Donations are tax deductible to the amount allowable by the IRS. Use your credit card via the Donate button…. or mail a check. Thank you!

‍No ‍matter ‍the ‍season, ‍many ‍needs ‍remain. ‍Please ‍donate ‍now!

‍Please ‍help ‍the ‍Council ‍of ‍Churches’ ‍Vocation ‍of ‍“Serving ‍God ‍By ‍Serving ‍Others”. ‍All ‍year ‍long ‍the ‍Council ‍focuses ‍on ‍serving ‍local ‍households ‍and ‍individuals ‍whose ‍needs ‍exceed ‍their ‍resources:

‍• ‍Moms ‍and ‍Grandparents ‍needing ‍diapers, ‍wipes ‍and ‍formula, ‍helped ‍by ‍A ‍Baby ‍Center.

‍• ‍Households ‍low ‍on ‍food, ‍served ‍by ‍Hands ‍of ‍Hope ‍Food ‍Pantry, ‍Faith ‍Family ‍Kitchen ‍and ‍Youth ‍StreetReach.

‍• ‍Foster ‍children ‍wanting ‍what ‍most ‍kids ‍have ‍- ‍summer ‍camp, ‍music ‍lessons, ‍equipment ‍to ‍join ‍a ‍sports ‍team ‍- ‍provided ‍by ‍our ‍Covenant ‍to ‍Care ‍ministry.

‍• ‍Hospital ‍patients ‍in ‍need ‍of ‍care ‍and ‍comfort, ‍supported ‍by ‍our ‍Hospital ‍Chaplains.

‍Please ‍consider ‍a ‍donation ‍to ‍the ‍Council’s ‍ongoing ‍ministries. ‍Your ‍help ‍changes ‍lives ‍as ‍we ‍build ‍strength ‍and ‍alleviate ‍suffering.

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‍Cape ‍Cod ‍Council ‍of ‍Churches, ‍Inc. ‍is ‍a ‍charitable ‍501(c)3 ‍tax-exempt ‍organization.

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Cape Cod Council of Churches, 320 Main St., Hyannis, MA 02601

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