During the pandemic, the Faith Family Kitchen, located at the
Faith Assembly of God, 154 Bearses Way, Hyannis, is currently providing
pre-packaged meals to go on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 530-630pm.


Dear Friends,

As we witness a world engulfed in finding ways to control and handle Covid19, we also live in a small area of our country concerned with feeding our neighbors. Solutions need to be creative and keep people safe. At FFK we take this seriously as we join together to feed out neighbors in Jesus' name. I am pleased to share with you Chef Jeni's plan to get food to our neighbors.

Good morning FFK Team,

Faith Family kitchen remains open, but the Cape Cod Council of Churches' leadership team has implemented a revised format of providing take-out meals only at FFK. The safety of our volunteers is a primary concern in this new model.

Because of this, if you are over 65 and have preexisting medical conditions, areimmuno compromised in any way, are concerned about your health and wellness with regard to Covid 19, or have traveled out of the country or to virus "hot spots" in the country within the last month, please stay home. If you are still willing and able to volunteer, we are eternally grateful. In this unprecedented time, our goal is to continue serving those in need as much as we can, for as long as we can, as safely as possible.

We are anticipating the need for food to escalate during this crisis, so I have switched to preparing large quantities of homemade soups because we have the benefit of having the soup kettle. We are also taking in donations from restaurants that are closing temporarily. From a process standpoint, we are looking to have 6 volunteers a night from 4-7pm, ideally. (There may be additional prep opportunities available, so I ask that anyone who mightbe able to come in on different days/at different times, please communicate that with me directly.) We will be utilizing a window at the back of the dining room as a takeout window. This means nobody will be coming into the building other than our volunteers, and you will never have direct face-to-face contact with any of our clientele. We will practice social distancing for all volunteering inside the dining hall. Any person working on putting the bags together, or passing them out, will be gloved at all times. We will use an assembly line to put the bags together with a container of soup, prepackaged plasticware and napkin, as well as fresh fruit, snacks, and other manageable items we might be able to provide to help people get through this crisis. We have condensed the serving time to 5:30 - 6:30, with families still coming to the front of the building and adults coming to the back. Last night was our first night utilizing our new guidelines. We will remain with “to go” meals until otherwise noted.

The Covid-19 response is ongoing and fluid. Please know that we are in constant contact with the County and Town Boards of Health, and are getting updates from the CDC and the State. We will continue to morph and make necessary changes in order to help relieve hunger for aslong as we can. This is our time to serve, and we are the frontline - offering hot dinners to people in at risk groups. I am committed to doing everything we can, but recognize fully that that is limited.

Again, your safety is our main concern. This program is only possible because of you. The Kitchen can only do what we do because of each of you. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. Please take care of yourselves in this scary time. We will get through this.

You can reach me directly at 781-248-5753 or atjenimwheeler@gmail.com.

With love and appreciation,

As you read the above, you will see that only 6 people are needed each serving time, that it is important for volunteers to honestly assess their personal health, and that everyone’s health is important: our Chef, our volunteers, and our guests.

So, be thoughtful, take care to follow the rules, and pray for this important work.

Also pray for Pastor Steve Hawley and the congregation of Faith Assembly of God who make this ministry possible. Thank you for all that you do.

Blessings, prayers, and thanksgiving, 

Judy McCullough

Please help 

your neighbors in need.

Donate now.


Jeni Wheeler, Executive Chef/Program Director

154 Bearses Way, Hyannis, MA 02601

320 Main Street, Hyannis (mailing address)